Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My second novel Under Her Spell is now up on Good Reads

My second novel, a lesbian, erotic romance (plus fantasy!) is now up on Good Reads. Check it out, and please add it if it looks good (which I hope it does!)
Here's its summary:

Terra may not be the best at magic, but she is the best at loving Athene Werth, her lover and best friend. They don’t ever want to part, but a threat to their romance is right on the horizon—a magical quest for Athene’s hand in marriage. So Terra goes undercover, disguised as a man, and she joins the quest. What other choice does she have?

Once the quest begins, there are many surprises along the way, including an enchanted stone that allows Terra to visit Athene, because neither woman wants to be away from the other’s lips for very long. Back on the quest, a man with flaming horns is hot on Terra’s trail, and he will stop at nothing to end her quest…and end her life. But Terra will also stop at nothing to win the quest, because Athene’s loving embrace lies at its end.

And here's the link to it on Good Reads:
Under Her Spell on Good Reads