Monday, June 11, 2012

Record High Heat

My straight, woman-on-top story "As You Wish" is now out in Xcite's The Heat in Greece eBook, and will be released on July12th in the 20-story Pleasure Me eBook.

"Bari has given his wife a lovely anniversary gift ‑ complete sexual power over him for one night. It will be a night full of power and sex, a night where the power she receives over her partner shows Bari’s wife everything she’s been missing until then, including the right to do as she wishes to her husband, no matter what those wishes involve. But Bari doesn’t mind giving up his power, not in the least, and maybe, just maybe, his wife won’t mind taking it from him either."

Both Pleasure Me and The Heat in Greece are available on Xcite's website.

Friday, June 1, 2012

A Fairy's Embrace novella

My gay, erotic novella A Fairy's Embrace, published by Xcite Books, has just been released:
"When Caden first meets his office’s new secretary, he can’t stop himself from feeling immensely attracted to him. Caden doesn’t have the whole story when it comes to the young man, though – Persius is a fairy guardian, and he has been sent to Earth to save Caden’s life. But Persius has strong feelings for Caden, which have developed over the many months he’s spent watching over this man he certainly shouldn’t be sleeping with. Soon, Persius isn’t the only one who has become emotionally involved. But can he manage to save Caden when the moment comes? And can he handle what will happen if he succeeds? Because if he saves Caden, as he is supposed to, it’s back to his own world, never to see the man he loves – ever again."
It's available at Xcite's website, where you can read a short excerpt.